Jun 27, 2020

The 13 activities and places not to be missed in St. Barts

For more than two months now, no one on the island of St. Barths has tested positive for the coronavirus. The most glamorous of the French Caribbean islands has therefore just reopened its borders to all travellers. If you dreamed of one day going to St. Barths, now is the time! Discover the 13 activities and places not to be missed in Saint-Barths as well as our good addresses to stay there.

Jun 18, 2020

Zion St-Barth

Zion (Sion in English) is used by Rastafarians mainly to describe a healthy spiritual sphere, such as paradise on earth. Geographically, the term refers to the Promised Land, a promise that today refers to the perimeter around Ethiopia and more generally the African continent

Jun 17, 2020

Le QG St Barth Restaurant

In addition to beaches, villas and hotels, in Saint Barth there are also restaurants. Some of them are essential brands, such as Bonito, Nikki Beach or Bagatelle, etc….. Essentially, because they are world-renowned for having a brand in New York or Saint-Tropez, but not just that.

Jun 17, 2020


Among the few good photographers in St. Barths is Pierre Carreau. He is extremely well known to estate agencies who entrust him with capturing the essence of the villas they put up for rent. And it’s true that he does quality work, but not that.

Jun 5, 2020

Philippe Savary and his Madeleines

Philippe, originally from La Rochelle, graduated in marketing and advertising, when he arrived in Saint-Barth, where he has lived since 1997, he discovered a profession unrelated to his training and became a waterproofing roofer. It is for him, at the beginning especially a food profession that has become over time a real activity that gives him a sense of activity and action.