Oct 9, 2020


1,2,3 ready? Eat up! From November 11th to 15th, this event will delight your taste buds as much as your pupils, the Art of the good and the beautiful. This is the seventh edition of the Saint-Barth Gourmet Festival 2020! 

Jun 17, 2020


Among the few good photographers in St. Barths is Pierre Carreau. He is extremely well known to estate agencies who entrust him with capturing the essence of the villas they put up for rent. And it’s true that he does quality work, but not that.

Jun 5, 2020

Philippe Savary and his Madeleines

Philippe, originally from La Rochelle, graduated in marketing and advertising, when he arrived in Saint-Barth, where he has lived since 1997, he discovered a profession unrelated to his training and became a waterproofing roofer. It is for him, at the beginning especially a food profession that has become over time a real activity that gives him a sense of activity and action.

Jun 5, 2020

Discover the waters of St Barth

Saint Barth, for many, is the beautiful beaches and its crystal clear waters. But it is possible to discover Saint Barth in a different way. To do so, it is necessary to equip yourself and do scuba diving. Indeed, the seabed of the island is rich in variety of life. From its simplest form, sponges, jellyfish, to its most "dangerous" form, the shark. In reality, the shark is only a dangerous animal in people's minds, it is in fact a wonderful creature.  .

Jun 3, 2020

Christian L. LANGE

He is a Belgian artist globe trotter... from Brussels to Saint-Barth via Cannes, Christian Lange has lived many lives. Press attaché, journalist then photographer, he then discovered that he had a great talent for graphic creations, compositions that weave images and computers, to make colourful films that we watch with greed and get rid of chromatic powders by shaking our heads after seeing them and seeing them again.