In addition to beaches, villas and hotels, in Saint Barth there are also restaurants. Some of them are essential brands, such as Bonito, Nikki Beach or Bagatelle, etc….. Essentially, because they are world-renowned for having a brand in New York or Saint-Tropez, but not just that.

There are also world-famous restaurateurs in Saint Barth. These have a local history, an experience and a soul. We at Destination Saint Barths also love restaurateurs. But, we have to admit, we haven’t talked about it much yet. 

Historically, Hervé Chovet, had the famous restaurant le Rivage in Grand Cul de Sac. An institution on the island. With the sale of the Saint Barth Beach hotel, Hervé opened the Barbecue in Gustavia and then took over the Côté Port. On the Port side, it was the canteen par excellence, lunch in Gustavia and the cosy and friendly restaurant of Gustavia in the evening. Locals and tourists got to know each other by tasting the famous tagliatelle with lobster in the style of Le Rivage. Some tourists were crazy about beef tartar with a knife. 

In short, the Côté Port was a very welcoming restaurant with a team that was always very professional, both in the kitchen and in the dining room. In September 2017, after Irma’s passage, there was nothing left on the Port side. Hervé Chovet, who had seen others in his life, then developed a new concept. A few months later, he set off on his adventure again and opened the HQ (Headquarters). A larger and more voluminous space, warm and welcoming colours, wood from floor to ceiling, trinkets, in short, an atmosphere worthy of the great international brands. As evidenced by some of the photographs of Alexandre Peter, our photographer, you will notice that the dishes as always are just as delicious as the others. With Hervé Chovet, whatever the name of the restaurant, it is certain, it is an institution to discover or rediscover. We highly recommend it to you.