Restaurant Shellona St Barth

On the famous Shell Beach, which borders Saint Barthelemy Island  & renowned for its thousands shells,  that Shellona welcomes you.  Just below the Hôtel Barrière, Le Carl Gustaf St Barth  &  in the very heart of Gustavia ;  enjoy an exceptional setting,  facing the Caribbean Sea.  With its unique location,  have lunch while,  listening to the DJ  or live music bands,  relax on one of our sunbeds  or taste one of our cocktails admiring, the most beautiful sunset of the island. The Restaurant, overlooking Shell Beach,  Shellona’s  restaurant welcomes you, every day from 9:00 am to 8:00pm. 

In the kitchen,  you will find our Chef Yiannis Kioroglou,  one of the rising stars of Greek cuisine.  Yiannis  &  his team offer an authentic, Mediterranean cuisine, carrying you from the sweetness,  of Amalfi’s lemon trees , all the way to the gastronomic, treasures of the Cyclades.  Acclaimed for their flavoured, grilled food seasoned,  with the best aromatic herbs  &  marinades.

Our Chefs,  invite you to one, of the tastiest culinary experiences.  ABOUT THE CHEF,  Originally from Athens,  he stays faithful,  to the spirit of his roots.  Rich from his numerous gourmet , wanderings from San Sebastian, to the French Riviera,  or the Italian

countryside…  Yiannis Kioroglou  brings the sun in your plates !  When he has a minute away from his stove,  he explores food

markets  &  especially fishermen treasures,  sourcing the best products, to offer a meridional  &  healthy Cuisine.

Business hours
Monday 10.30 - 19h00
Tuesday 10.30 - 19h00
Wednesday 10.30 - 19h00
Thursday 10.30 - 19h00
Friday 10.30 - 19h00
Saturday 10.30 - 19h00
Sunday 10.30 - 19h00