St Barts Beaches  For a small island, St. Barths has a wide variety of beaches, all of which are open to the public and all of which are lined with beautiful white sand. Here you will find the typical Caribbean resort beaches with their hotels, restaurants and watersports centers, but also some hidden strands inhabited mostly by locals, celebrities -- or nobody at all. We highly suggest renting a car in St Barts in order to see as many of St Bart’s beaches as possible.

Experts disagree on how many technical beaches there are, but we counted 17 beaches in St. Barts, some much more impressive than others. Here is our list of best St Barts beaches not to miss ! Many of the beaches in St. Barts are located behind private property or have limited public access, however, by law all beaches in St. Barths are public. St. Barts irregular coastline creates scores of lagoons protected from the coast leeward moors of fine sand, calm inlets, turbulent bays and many golden sand beaches. 
Some beaches require a ride down an unpaved road, a boat ride, or a short hike, but all are worth the trip. A trip to Saint Barthélemy is filled with the excitement of travel and a sense of adventure. Yet all traveling comes with certain risks that can be avoided by following a few simple suggestions.  The image of the “Caribbean” has always evoked the dream of living under the tropical sun all year long, but you must protect yourself! In order to make the most of your vacation on our island, be sure to dress in lightweight clothing. You should also always wear sunscreen (cream or oil) with a high level of protection (40 + SPF) to protect you as best as possible from the aggressive rays of the sun. A hat or a cap is also a good means of protection, because even when you are not on the beach, your face remains exposed to the hot sun. Please remember that access to the beach is prohibited for all animals, for reasons of public health.
Photo: Pierre CARREAU

Colombier Beach   Photo:   Alexia DEBOIT 

Corossol Beach  Fabienne MAGRAS


Gouverneur Beach   Photo Julio LEDEE

Grand Cul De Sac Beach  Photo: Angelo MAGRAS

Lorient Beach   Photo: Fabienne MAGRAS

Grand Fond Beach        Photo: Fabienne MAGRAS


Marigot Beach      Photo: Pierre CARREAU

Petit Cul de Sac.    Photo: Fabienne MAGRAS


Saline Beach      Photo: Julio LEDEE 

St Jean Beach.     Photo: Catherine FOLETTE


Toiny Beach.       Photo:  Marc GREY

Anse Des Cayes    Photo: Angélo MAGRAS

Shell Beach.        Photo: Marc GREY