Colombier Beach


Accessible only by boat or by hiking trails,the first trail is La Petite Anse, a wild trail that winds through the vegetation. Passingthrough a passage under the cave, a walking along the edge of a cliff ,on which the scenery is breathtaking, you will walk towards the goal : reach the magnificent beach of Colombier, and enjoy a sea bath as a reward after these,30 minutes of pure pleasure through nature.This first trail is very popular,because it gives you the impression of being in the shoes,of an adventurer who arrives, at the end of the world,or from Colombier, 25 minutes away by foot.The second hiking trail ,is on the left, from the point of view the orientation table on the left, after passing through Colombier. 

This trail, although quite dry at the beginning, will quickly lead you to discover a magnificent vegetation of undergrowth, seabirds, the famous Iguanas de Saint Barth, large green lizards, etc. After having played the role of adventurer in the first course, why not put yourself in the shoes of an explorer, admiring the beauty of nature,as far as the eye can see, before arriving at Colombier beach, a rather discreet beach because, it is only accessible on foot or by boat.Colombier beach offers one of the most beautiful panoramas of the island. Its turquoise and clear water, is ideal for snorkeling, spending the day,with a picnic & enjoying the sunset. Some tips to fully,enjoy these hikes,in complete safety & serenity,it is always best to equip 

yourself like any other hiker, that is to say: comfortable walking shoes, sunscreen, a small bottle of water...  why not a small energy snack.

Photo : MAGRAS Fabienne & Alexia DEBOIT