Pati de St Barth


This is the story of a woman who discovers a landscape, a quiet haven for her inspiration. It was in 1983 that Pati arrived in St Barth.  At the time, she found a quaint village by the sea, with magical endless beaches, where everybody knew each other’s first name, and you could drive up the iconic airport runway on your scooter, your hair blowing in the breeze. People used to drink a “Planter” at “Le Select”, one of the only bars on the island, or go dancing at the legendary Autour du Rocher and often end the evening counting the stars late at night on the Beach of Saline.Curious and passionate, Pati arrived on the island with just a notebook and some watercolors in her pocket. In order for her to buy her paint supplies, she began designing logos emblematic of her new found island, and imprinted them on colorful sun-washed t-shirts that would sell out in the few boutiques on island. That is when the logo ST BARTH FRENCH WEST INDIES was born. Of this huge success, a first atelier store opened in Gustavia, then three, all on the island of St Barth.This beachwear brand will make those who wear it always feel true to themselves and never out of place. Our line of clothing provides flattering beachwear reminiscent of sun drenched days and joy-filled vacations by a turquoise sea. The world has come to a place where true luxury is to live in the moment. There is no better embodiment of this belief than the true island spirit of St Barth and the logo it birthed. True luxury is living in refined simplicity.



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