Lolita Jaca St Barth


Faby Jaca started her career in Paris as a press agent for the music industry. Her work in this branch and the diverse influences she encountered opened her eyes and mind to the world of the arts. With this new approach, she moved to Saint Barths in the early 90’s to start a new life .Three years later, her passion for fashion and natural drive led her to opening her prêt a porter boutique in the prestigious “Carre d’Or” in Saint Barths. Lolita Jaca was born; the name inspired by Nabokov’s romantic, sensual and mischievous heroine.With Saint Barths’ unique atmosphere and international clientele as inspiration, Faby Jaca set about designing and creating her first piece; The Kimono, which has since become her signature piece. It was an instant success; earning the support of fellow designers Christiane Celle and Zoe Costes from Calypso and Reminiscence.In 2004, with the help of her sister Nanou, Faby Jaca was able to fully express her passion (for fashion) by launching the brand Lolita Jaca, of which she is the exclusive designer. Lolita Jaca therefore fully embodies her open approach to the world as well as her sensual and refined touch


Business hours
Monday 9:00 - 18:00
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