Form Fitness St Barth



They support you in achieving your sporting objectives, either on an ad hoc basis or during private sessions.Precise and experienced, they are at your disposal to help you surpass yourself.

DAVID They say I'm rigorous and I admit it, my dream was to be a sports teacher in the army!It's all about objectivity and not relying on me to leave you in your comfort zone.Safety, pedagogy, energy and results are what you will find on my courses.

SÉBASTIEN I have been an athlete since I was a child, and I have made my passion my profession.Former Judoka of high level, I am dynamic, smiling and invested. I would be able to help you achieve your sporting objectives.You can find me in the classes of BodyPump, BodyCombat, BodyJam, Step but also in private coaching.My training will be a real challenge and I promise you that with intensity and commitment you will see your results happen.

ALCO I have always been a sportsman, and I find in physical practice a way to express the energy that inhabits me. Always in search of the pleasure of doing and having done, I strive to transmit my passion during private lessons as well as group lessons (Body Attack, Body Pump...). Pleasure, intensity and satisfaction will be the key words of your session. I look forward to seeing you together very soon to experience this moment of sharing.

NICOLAS Passionate about sports and practicing physical culture since the age of 15, I am concerned about improving the aesthetics and health of my students. In 2017 I put my experience as a sports coach to good use and took part in two competitions in the Men's Physics category, finishing with a 2nd and 3rd place.My goal is to get you to yours, so get your Dumbbells on!


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