Friendly Experience

A holiday in St. Barth is also great with friends. Thus, many couples often meet in Saint-Barth, each in their own villa or hotel. So we designed this package. A special Friendly package. You tell us how many people you are and we organize everything for you. (Between six and ten people). A jet ski trip around the island, a gourmet meal in your villa with one of the most famous home chefs on the island. 

A hike with a certified guide to the famous Colombier beach. You will see on the way some goats, iguanas, caves etc....... with a very good picnic. A photographer will follow you step by step to immortalize this excursion with friends, or between families. You will have unforgettable memories. Finally, before your departure, enjoy a last moment with friends with a superb trip at sea aboard a sailboat. You will have unforgettable experiences in Saint-Barth. To make a reservation for one of these packages, contact our concierge by email: [email protected]