St. Barts is fortunately not a Bling Bling island where tourists are kings. It is also an island with culture and tradition. But also with a line of cosmetics: La Ligne St Barth

We presented their latest creation last November, a fruit candle ( Today, we would like to present you the range of care products. 

La Ligne de St Barth is a pride of St Barths. It develops, designs and markets cosmetics that are known and recognized throughout the world, in palaces, prestigious villas and quality spas. Indeed, for more than three decades, La Ligne de St Barth has been combining the ancestral know-how of the Arawak Indians with the latest scientific discoveries by mobilising the most modern technologies, in compliance with strict quality standards. The body and face products are exclusively developed in St Barth, which gives them a unique character. The secret lies in the harmonious balance between the natural ingredients used in the products and the sweet exotic scents of the Caribbean.

The range of products of La Ligne de St Barth is widely expanded, care for the face, hair, body, hands, make-up removers, perfumes and sunscreens, use of avocado, banana, aloe vera, coconut, pineapple, melon or papaya make La Ligne de St Barth soothing, effective and sensual beauty care cosmetics to rejuvenate the body and mind.

Many hotels and villas provide St Barth Line hospitality products in their bathrooms. For new tourists, this allows them to discover an exclusive brand of cosmetics, for the island's regulars, it's always a little wink, a nice present that reminds them how much they love the island. Many will go shopping in the various outlets on the island. But not only that, La Ligne St Barth, has a very complete website where you can also do your shopping online.

 At Destination Saint Barths love it and we highly recommend it.