PRESENTATION OF THE PLATFORM: The oldest portal website on the island of St. Barts is completely revamped. Initially created in 1993, was sold to Monique Turbé in 2017. In the wake of this, the brand Destination Saint-Barths - was registered and a coexistence agreement was signed between the Saint-Barths Community, the Tourist Office and Destination Saint-Barths.

We welcome you on board, sit down comfortably, fasten your seatbelts and fly away to an island of fine sand with a transparent sea and spectacular sunsets: Destination Saint-Barths

From dream to reality, or for the lucky ones who are already there, it is your love for the island and the experiences you wish to live in Saint Barths that made us realize that this portal, this reference website, Destination Saint Barths has been designed to help demanding and time-pressed travelers plan their unforgettable vacation down to the smallest details. Experienced people will be there to fulfill your wildest wishes! Don't forget, "Anything is possible if you give yourself the means to do so. » 

I take my best pen to list our many services that will be very useful to you. Car rental for all your travels and visits on the island such as discovering the most beautiful beaches, booking luxury hotels for your accommodation. We also work in exclusivity with the real estate agency My Villa in Saint-Barth for the rental and sale of magnificent and incredible high-end villas. 

Once your car and house were booked, you were found a number of renowned, gastronomic restaurants with flavours from all over the world. Your taste buds will remember them! After a good meal, you often like to go for a walk to go shopping and browse the local and prestigious boutiques. Now it's time for wellness! You've found an outfit, and to look beautiful right down to the tips of your nails, we'll make an appointment for you, either for a manicure, a haircut, a waxing, or even a meditation and sports break with Yoga, Pilates, or relaxing with a massage.

For beginners to experienced water sports enthusiasts, we will book you according to your needs, from Jet Ski lessons, Flyboarding to Paddle and all other activities that will appeal to young and old alike.

To go even further, with our various service providers, we can provide you with the delivery of groceries, the organisation of a birthday or a wedding, childcare, yacht charter, etc.

You also have regular updates on the island's festive and cultural events, will you perhaps take part in one of them if you are there on the dates concerned? 

If you love art, you can also find out about artists from Saint Barths through mini reports. If you feel like buying a beautiful canvas to decorate your home. 

See you soon,
Destination Saint-Barths.

Try our dream holiday experiences: Destination St-Barths has created tailor-made packages for you for unforgettable moments: honeymoon, the discovery of Pinel islet, our Top 20 beach restaurants and for the evening, relaxing days, friendly experiences such as a photo shoot during an outing with friends, water sports such as scuba diving, the SeaBob, but also a shopping day, the discovery of our 15 superb beaches including the beach of Colombier on a hike

Through this blog, you will discover the news of Saint-Barth, especially on events not to be missed, you will party like at the Carnival of the island, and you will have the opportunity to go to cultural exhibitions by meeting artists from Saint-Barth, you will then immerse yourself in their worlds filled with different colors, materials, and emotions. It will be pure art! 

Attracting your curiosity about current events, especially when you are on holiday on the island, is all a matter of timing. You will then have the choice between a theatre festival, concerts, the celebration of All Saints' Day, the commemoration of the twinning of Saint Barth and the Swedish city of Pitéa and also a Swedish / Gustavialoppet marathon. The events are updated regularly

The press is talking about St. Barths. The headlines are full of praise and highlight this jewel of the French West Indies, Gustavia, the capital of the island, which shines with its port, its luxury boutiques, its dream beaches like Anse du Colombier, and its luxury tourism with its hotels and villas. It is a charming atmosphere that invites you to calm and relaxation. 

Let's keep in touch and subscribe to our newsletter now to receive exclusive information on our new partners and services, our new villas, event updates, the latest Destination Saint-Barths special offers, and let's not forget the artistic world with future exhibitions, then restaurants with surprising futuristic concepts previously unknown that will come out of the ground and see the light of day to everyone's delight!  


In this section you will find guest rooms, local 2* hotels and luxury hotels Palace  with world famous 4* and 5* spas. It is a good value for money.

Villas :

The My Villa in Saint-Barth agency offers top-of-the-range villas for rent and for sale with a concierge service that will meet all your expectations. Whether you are a couple, with friends or family, don't hesitate to book one now to spend an unforgettable holiday in Saint Barths! 

Activities :

For all the people who love water sports, you will find in this section thrills like Jet ski, Kite surfing, and also surprising emotions underwater diving seeing the beautiful coral reefs and fishes. There are many other activities that will please young and old alike. 

Restaurants :

Just writing this column makes my mouth water. You have the choice between a list of gastronomic restaurants such as the Sereno, the Ti Saint-Barth, and cuisines with flavours from all over the world, oriental with the Shatira Sbh restaurant, Italian with the L'Isoletta restaurant, Japanese with the Yo Sushi Mania, for fans of fish and seafood, you have the La Langouste restaurant and many others...

Services :

In this section, you will find a multitude of services that will be very useful to you. From banking to babysitting, grocery and sushi delivery, catering, grooming, yacht charter, etc...


Any self-respecting fashionista will come and go in the local and prestigious St. Barts boutiques such as Volver, Louis Vuitton and to accessorize your outfits, a Rolex watch, a superb necklace from Cartier or a unique bracelet created from sea glass from the sea jewellery boutique will surely make an impression during a festive evening or simply with friends. Speaking of the ocean, there is a boutique that also sells beachwear. They all have a famous logo: St Barth French West Indies. The list is not finished, there are many other brands of clothing, jewellery, that you like and that are around the corner, I'm sure. 


For your vacation on the island, it is important to choose a mode of transport. For this, there are several alternatives: car rental, rather a family car, luxurious, all-terrain or a small city car, it is up to you to choose what suits you best. You also have the moke, quads, scooters, and for a view of the sky, the helicopter and private jets. To get from one place to another, there are also the shuttles.

Too much stress, wanting to relax and take care of yourself from head to toe, the wellness section has everything to please: hairdresser, massage, eyelash tinting, scrubbing, waxing, manicure, pedicure, Sisley spa, hammam. To sculpt your body and have concrete abs, Yoga, Pilates or personal training are all sports that will be very beneficial to you. If you are anxious, tired, or have insomnia, think about taking Reiki sessions, which will allow you to optimize your energy on a daily basis, to have a feeling of joie de vivre. Janzu is an aquatic relaxation method that takes place in a seawater pool heated to 34°C, gentle, cyclical movement, the water massages the skin as it comes and goes and the practitioner also puts pressure on the body to release tension, the fact of being weightless allows a real letting go, more important than during a conventional massage. It is recommended to fight against muscular pain and stiffness, migraines, symptoms also related to stress and sleep disorders and then to physical and mental disabilities.