Of course, the Manapany has been around for more than 30 years. However, this is the new Manapany we are talking about here. Bought in 2016 by the Collection B Signature group (Hôtel Montalembert and Hôtel de Sers in Paris, two splendid 5-star hotels). 

Anne Jousse, the owner of the hotel, entrusted the renewal of this cult establishment on the island to François Champsaur, architect and designer, he transformed Hôtel Vernet in Paris, Le Royal in Evian, projects that reflect his style, imbued with discreet elegance.

The style of the new Manapany is based on chestnut log furniture, organic cotton plaids woven in Mexico and colourful walls. Solar panels, an internal drinking water plant by desalination. It is an eco-friendly resort with 43 rooms and suites, with a fitness room, a spa, a restaurant with local cuisine… Manapany is now a showcase, a Robinson Crusoe luxury hotel.

Last week, Manapany celebrated its first anniversary with dignity. The guests particularly appreciated being welcomed by the owner of the premises during a cocktail party around the famous swimming pool, completely redesigned and refurbished.  

Manapany also experienced Cyclone Irma during the rehabilitation and renovation works. But here, no trace of Irma’s passage, everything is new, everything is beautiful and well arranged. Beautiful rooms and suites. And French and American customers have not been mistaken in booking in this idyllic place on the hillside and by the beach (Anse des Cayes). The feedback is extremely positive and there is a good chance that it will remain so. For our part, we strongly recommend it.