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A small tropical island with a name often mentioned in magazines, you think you know it like you think you know everything about the lives of famous people.
And it is true that many of them have chosen Saint-Barthélemy as their favourite holiday destination, seduced by its authenticity, its preserved flora and fauna, its gentle way of life and, it should be stressed, the natural discretion of its inhabitants and its regular visitors.
Saint-Barthélemy also benefits from a specific quality: rarity.
On twenty-five square kilometres, not enough to welcome millions of tourists.
At the height of the "season", the island welcomes as many visitors as it has natives, no more, no less.
There is no risk of crowding, either on the quays of Gustavia where the most beautiful boats in the world dock, or on the island's small twenty beaches, some of which are only accessible on foot or by sea.
The largest of its 30 hotels has a maximum of eighty rooms, all of which are exceptional.
The smallest, a haven of peace and elegance under the palm trees, has only eight
Much less than most of our most loyal guests' villas, or some of our bay regulars' yachts. Yes, there are still well-kept secrets.
 Let us show you some of the people on our island, or come and discover them for yourself, in complete friendship.



Upcoming St Barts  Events... Competition for the best Christmas window decorations
Competition for the best Christmas window decorations
The Tourism Committee of St. Barthélemy is organizing the annual competition for the best Christmas window decorations, to add a little extra zest to the holiday season.
Entitled "The Colors of Christmas in Saint Barth," the competition is open to all merchants in Gustavia and St Jean.

Getting married in St barth

Floral bouquets, ribbons, baroque pearls, luxurious silks, layers of chiffon, lace and embroidery, precious stones, international cuisine, fountains of chocolate, champagne tasting... Intimate moments, fragments of eternity, and treasured souvenir... all in an exotic locale, far from the ordinary.
A small island paradise floating in a turquoise sea, surrounded by beaches ideal for a romantic stroll, especially at sunset...
What better place to tie the knot in a mist of sensuality and harmony, on an island where it's time for the ultimate in pleasure but time itself no longer seems to matter

Nils Dufau answer all your questions.
On your request, it will send you the official brochure of St. Bartholomew
contains many photos and useful addresses to prepare your stay.

The Saint Barth Tourism Committee
Gustavia Quai du Général de Gaulle
Phone: 05 90 27 87 27 - Fax: 05 90 27 74 47


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St Barths is a tropical paradise delivering spectacular scenery, an ideal climate, and a unique Caribbean charm.

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