Pierre Carreau Photographe

For  Pierre Carreau, the action of waves reveals a unique visual phenomenon conveying a sense of the paradox of power and fragility that exists therein. As Carreau’s describes the goal of his work, it is to « transfer the waves’ energy to those who view them. » The images often evoke a range a emotions depending on the state of mind and perspective of the viewer, from the exhilaration familiar to surfers to the meditative calm we feel in moments of peaceful introspection. What is remarkable about the AquaViva is the interplay between concealment and revelation in each work. An arch of water that appears to be rendered in shades of gray in fact contains a flurry of polychromatic elements, reflections that become apparent on closer inspection. « Water is amazing, » Carreau explains. « Basically it has no color, but through reflection and refraction it can possess all of them, the entire spectrum of light. »
The reality of these moments of exquisite beauty and emotion existing before our eyes, not invisible yet unperceivable to us, lies at the heart of Carreau’s artistic intention. In this relationship, the photographer and camera act as a conduit carrying the emotional impact from the element of water itself to the evolved perception of the viewer, whose very existence is an extension of the subject.
Pierre Carreau observes that the photographic images of AquaViva may sometimes be perceived as objects rather than as two-dimensional representations. The play of light off the multitude of facets and curves on the water’s surface gives the image a sculptural quality that enhances the sense of stillness and power. This simultaneous depiction of roiling movement and suspended kinetic energy parallels the dual nature of the oceans and of water itself: life-giving and yet dangerous, inviting and yet fearsome, primordial and yet ever-changing and always renewed. This sculptural effect of dynamism in static suspension is at once conscious and haphazard, a function of the rapid genesis of these images and the evident fact that the artist cannot possibly see the final work at the very moment of its birth.
When asked about specific techniques employed in the creation of his works, Carreau typically responds with the reticence of a magician being asked to reveal his secrets. Yet he does explain some preferences that underlie his method. Certain shots may seem to depict massive, crashing tsunami-sized breakers, yet in reality, the artist’s eye is drawn to the more interesting variation of detail in small waves. Additionally, while water is certainly the most evident subject of the AquaViva series, the photographs are very much about light as well, and Carreau is highly conscious of the nature of sunlight and the way it interacts with the water at different angles and at different times of day.


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