Michael Gramm Photographe

Bad tongues will tell you, that it is because he does not have a sense of direction that Michael has chosen to live on an island of 24 km² (but the one who does not have a sense of direction often has by serendipity that of discoveries... the proof in pictures). Philosophers would rather lean towards an accomplished quest for hedonism. Pragmatists understand that in St Barthélemy (more than elsewhere), it is enough to cross the street to find a job. Romantics will think that Love was waiting for him here. Sailors are aware that the call from the sea, like that of the sirens, is irresistible (and curiously leaving Paris after a course in visual communication was not so difficult). The immobile fools believe, as always, as soon as someone moves, that they are running away.... The artists, on the other hand, imagine that he came to capture the singular light of the tropics, the light that shines with the brilliance of mercury. The poets know that the smiling call of its clear expanse and the agitated fires of its dancing mirrors, the sea, dazzling and naked magician, awakens great hopes in teenage hearts. The psychoanalysts, passionate about the couch as much as about the deviate, allude, conjecture, conjecture, swallow and wander about the metaphorical universe of the island and its presence in each being as a closed territory where they conjugate, gather and meet like the backwash, the fantasies and the (dis)illusions of a lost paradise, the one that dreamers at a distance fantastically; but Michael is nothing like a distant dreamer, he lives his dreams. Obsessive mathematicians may think that it is because by adding the numbers 9, 7, 1, 1, 3, 3 we get the number 23, ninth in the list of prime numbers, that Michael made the esoteric choice of this overseas community and not another one. The ethnologist would interpret this as an allegory of the myth of the good savage, and he would preserve through images what remains authentic on the island. The nostalgic people understand by discovering his clichés that he is rather in search of a past memory. The mutes won't say anything and those who know him are lucky... 
He thinks that it is rather a combination of circumstances that led him to settle here, and today, through this exhibition, the photographer proposes to make us taste the tender and sweet pulpit of this delicious fruit of chance, picked 13 years earlier.... It's definitely a coincidence that does things right! So have a good tasting....
Sebastien, my brother
Michaël Gramm is exhibiting at Art Week 2019, from February 4 to 9. 13 of his photos will be offered for sale and will appear on this site as soon as his Black & Wild exhibition at the Christopher opens.


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