Yellow Submarine St Barth


Among the many water activities offered by the island of St. Barths is the unmissable "Yellow Submarine". This is a semi-submersible vessel that stays on the surface. But an underwater cabin allows passengers to walk at a depth of 1.80 m in complete safety and comfort. This air-conditioned and ventilated cabin has 24 large windows, thanks to which passengers will be able to approach the underwater fauna and flora of the Caribbean, and contemplate the wonders of underwater life around the St Barth Nature Reserve. In any case, if you ever decide to spend your vacation in St Barths, it would be a shame to miss this very educational excursion for all.To give you even more details, this small excursion on board the "Yellow Submarine" will allow you to discover the wreck of the "Marignan", which sank about fifteen years ago because of cyclone Luis; the schools of sergeant-majors fish, colas, barracudas, without forgetting the nurse sharks which remain in the vicinity. Then, you will discover the Marine Reserve and the coral reef, where you will of course see many species of fish, such as the superb parrot fish, trumpet fish, blue surgeon fish, diodon fish and others... And to finish in beauty, you will of course discover closely the big green turtles near the sea grass beds, which are also part of the greatest peculiarities and richness of St Barth Island.

Photo Credit: Jacques Zolty & Jerome Montoya


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