St Barth Adventure

St. Barth AdventureUnique on the island, St Barth Adventure has been offering quads for rent since 2008 and guided hiking tours all year round. Accessible to all, the quad allows you to move easily and safely thanks to the balance of the four wheels, while providing you with the freedom and outdoor sensations of a two-wheeled vehicle. Easy to drive, it parks easily in the city, even in the narrowest parking areas.We deliver our quads wherever and whenever you want, to your hotel, your villa, in front of your yacht or on your arrival, at the airport or at the ferry terminal. No specific permit is required, it is sufficient to be at least 18 years old and to hold a car licence. Quads can be rented by the day, week or month and we provide assistance 7 days a week and 24 hours a day all year round .Entirely new, our fleet of vehicles includes 200 cm3 and 300 cm3 quads. If we recommend the 200 cm3 for single people, the 300 cm3 quad, equipped with a trunk to easily carry some personal belongings, is more comfortable to drive for two people.
We also offer hiking tours accompanied by a bilingual French/English guide who knows St-Barth perfectly well. Depending on your availability, join us for a 2-hour tour or a one-day tour. The 2-hour walk includes a swim break on one of the island's most beautiful beaches and stops at the most beautiful views of St. Barts.Our one-day "Discovery" Tour package allows you to take a full tour of the island.


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