Artists of Saint Barth


The Artists of St Barth Association was created in 2016, it is composed of 17 painters, 11 photographers, 5 sculptors who are part of it in order to promote the local contemporary artistic creation to the inhabitants and regular visitors.For the first time in February 2019, the association organized with the CTTSB an Art Week composed of 5 parallel exhibitions each presenting the works of an artist and events every evening of the week. Nils Dufau, President: the CTTSB wishes to develop art and to be able to highlight the artists of the island, a key role for the development of quality tourism and the island of Saint Barthélemy an exemplary position in this area for the whole Caribbean.This operation was a success and will be repeated during the year in the hotels, in partnership with the Saint Bartholomew's Community. The association also organizes Art & Food Markets every month on the evening of the full moon. These events bring together stands of local producers, craftsmen, artists and, on the food side, chefs from the island's gastronomic establishments, who are themselves present with a Street Food 

type offer.


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