Anglican Church

Welcome to St Bartholomew's Anglican Church on St Barts. An active and vibrant church with a mixed congregation of all ages, nationalities, cultures and backgrounds. The Methodist religion was admitted to the island in 1790 and established itself in a sustainable way in 1851, the date on which the first Anglican practices also appeared. The foundation stone of the Anglican church was laid in 1853 and the construction completed two years later.Rectangular and small in size, it is symmetrical in relation to its major axis, which prevents it from being caught in the wind. The walls and facades are made of local stone, the bricks are imported from France and the dark lava corner stones come from St Eustache. The two-sloped roof was once covered with essences. Victim of Hurricane Luis in 1995, it was renovated thanks to the generosity and volunteer work of local workers. The bell tower is always covered with essentes with its curved roof and jealous openings. The interior is sober, the windows and patio doors dim the light. The current paving is original. Note its marble grid pattern. The altar is made of wood. 
Photo: Xavier MERCHETTHAU & Marc Grey

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Sunday 9:00 - 10:00

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