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St Barts Beaches For a small island, St. Barths has a wide variety of beaches, all of which are open to the public and all of which are lined with beautiful white sand, there are fourteen beaches on St. Barths.
A list of the best beaches on the Caribbean island of St. Barths (St. Barts), officially known as St. Barthelemy.
Few islands can offer visitors the variety of Saint Barth's beaches.
St. Barts irregular coastline creates scores of lagoons protected from the coast leeward moors of fine sand, calm inlets, turbulent bays and many golden sand beaches.
Beach lovers will feel close to heaven enjoying St. Barths' numerous secluded coves and 22 beautiful beaches (Anse).
Some beaches require a ride down an unpaved road, a boat ride, or a short hike, but all are worth the trip.
In St. Barths, the water is clear turquoise, the sand is bright white and the beaches are never crowded.
One great thing about St. Barts is that virtually every town and village was established near a beach or marina, so you can sightsee while you head to a new beach. All beaches are open to the public, even those that front a hotel.
Topless bathing is the norm in St. Barths, both on beaches and at poolside.
Although nude sun bathing is officially illegal, nobody pays much attention to this and it is common on isolated beaches on the island's rugged south shore.
Below are descriptions of some of the more popular ones:



A trip to Saint Barthélemy is filled with the excitement of travel and a sense of adventure. Yet all traveling comes with certain risks that can be avoided by following a few simple suggestions.

The image of the “Caribbean” has always evoked the dream of living under the tropical sun all year long, but you must protect yourself!

In order to make the most of your vacation on our island, be sure to dress in lightweight clothing. You should also always wear sunscreen (cream or oil) with a high level of protection (40 + SPF) to protect you as best as possible from the aggressive rays of the sun. A hat or baseball cap is also a good means of protection, because even when you are not on the beach, your face remains exposed to the hot sun.

These simple precautions can help to avoid the risk of sunburn or sunstroke. For those who are more sensitive to the sun, and especially young children, it’s a good idea to protect the eyes with a good pair of sunglasses.

You should also remember to stay hydrated, as this helps you support the heat. Keep a bottle of water with you at all times, especially if you have small children as they can get dehydrated much more quickly than adults.

If you are planning a full day at the beach, think about taking a parasol, as the Caribbean sun is especially strong at noon, and even a large hat may not offer enough protection. In the early afternoon, select a part of the beach where there is shade, either by sitting under a parasol or simply under a tree.

Please remember that access to the beach is prohibited for all animals, for reasons of public health.

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St Barts is a tropical paradise delivering spectacular scenery, an ideal climate, and a unique Caribbean charm.
St Barts accommodation
St Barths hosts some of the finest luxury hotels in the Caribbean combining superior dining and premier services. St Barth Destination provides a detailed to every aspect of the St Barths destination: history, culture, foods, restaurants, hotels, sightseeing, things to do.
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Famous for its casual chic French culture, St Barts offers uncrowded beaches, casual but chic designer shopping boutiques and world class restaurants, many of which are situated right on the beach.