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Villa Victoria

BOOKING : Villa Victoria

Located on the heights of Camaruche, Villa Victoria emits an atmosphere of serenity and wellbeing.

The charm and elegance brought by the style zen and contemporary, evokes an irresistible envy of total leisure and relaxation.

One of its main assets of its originality, is one of it's terrace in the form of a central islet situated right in the middle of the
pool on which lies a lounge where one can listen to music, enjoy a breakfast, or a cocktail while appreciating the sunrise.

The intimacy of the location, constitutes a haven of peace increasing the feeling of being cut of from the rest of the world

For reservations, or questions, please complete the questionaire below:

Tel : 06 90 561 888 -   06 90 751 106

Villa Victoria

BOOKING : Villa Victoria

VILLA RENTAL The luxurious 2 bedroom Villa Victoria enjoys a tranquil setting in the hills of Camaruche and a spectacular view of the sea.

A modern living room opens onto the terrace and pool area. The living room shares its space with the dining area and the well-equipped kitchen, which opens onto the back terrace with garden and a covered, second dining area.

The 2 air-conditioned bedrooms are separate from the living room and situated on each side of the pool. Each bedroom has a king-size bed and en suite bathroom. Both bedrooms open onto a terrace with view.

A footbridge leads to a covered terrace and lounge area surrounded by the pool, which is heated during the high season. A heated Jacuzzi can accommodate 4 guests. The fully screened house also has WiFi and French satellite TV.



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