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Elan Immo

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"Elan Immo Saint-Barth" has a leitmotiv : Yours to satisfy!

Your new real estate agency welcomes you in its office situated in "Les Amandiers" shopping center in St Jean, two minutes away from the airport.

A large selection of villas, plots of land and apartments are proposed and ensure any clients' requests. Our team will be pleased to satisfy any of your needs and wishes.

Whether you are looking to buy or sell, we can support and guide you with discretion in your research.

Do not hesitate, come to see us!

Come in, you are already at home!

Sales villa @ Lorient: V.JOC77

Whether you are buying or selling, our professional team will be at your entire disposal to transform your wishes into reality.
Either to find the perfect villa or sell your property at its fair value, Emilie and Philippe will put all their dynamism and efficiency to achieve your goals and interests.
Our thorough knowledge of the real estate market will allow you to find the perfect place, thanks to our local implantation.
Confidentiality, technical supports, strong advising. All those qualities are very appreciated by all our clientele.
You can be assure that every effort will be made to make your dream a reality.


Elan Immo

BOOKING : Elan Immo

Agence immobilière/Real Estate
Centre "Les amandiers"
Route de Saline - St Jean
0590 (0) 590 51 10 10
0590 (0) 690 32 37 10



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