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CASA club St Barth open Every Night - Dj - LIVE - CLUB - PARTY - BOOKING TABLE

Spa Hotel Manapany Booking online

Jet Ski Racing St Barth Come to fly with us and enjoy the wave boat  reserve online ++



St Barts Massage & St Barts Health Spas Need to recharge and take care of you ?

There are a variety of island services and specialty shops that will make your time in St. Barths even more memorable.

All addresses that meet your every need. St Barts is all about relaxation and well being, and what better way to relax while you are on the island to pamper yourself with a massage, a manicure, a pedicure or have a French Coiffeur restyle your look?

These are all qualified health professionals with medical training certified by the French Authorities estheticians on St Barts who provide relaxing perfumed body treatments as well as manicures, pedicures, hairdressers and beautician



SPA MANAPANY A well-being haven nestled in lush backdrop
The Manapany Spa blends into its light-filled surroundings

St Barts Massage, Thai Massage, Best Massage in St Barts


Route de Saline, Lorient, ST BARTHÉLEMY
Téléphone05 90 27 82 63


Téléphone : 05 90 29 89 60

Anse des Flamands
Tel : +590 590 298 008

SPA Payot -Hôtel Manapany
Spas glamour et bien-être

St Barths Beauty Spa Oasis

Massage, Cellul M6 -  Waxing

Centre L' Oasis Lorient    Tel : 05 90 27 90 67 


Christopher Spa St Barts

Christopher Hotel Pointe Milou
Tél : (+59) 05 90 27 63 63

This newly opened state-of-the-art beauty and wellness spa run by Anne Picard is located in the heart of Gustavia, on the Rue de la République, just a short walk from the port. Anne has been looking...
Massage St Barts



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