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Hotel Le VillageSaint Barth is a charming and authentic hotel.

Nestled in the heart of a lavish tropical garden with fantastic views of the Bay of Saint-Jean,



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St Barts restaurants - enjoy a lovely mean at a top restaurant in St Barts! International cuisine and traditional French gourmet available in St Barts restaurants.

The island of Saint-Barthelemy has nearly 90 restaurants offering a wide variety of cuisine ranging from the gastonomical cuisine, to the simplest sandwich.
Each restaurant is unique, there are unique atmospheres, Creole dishes, Italian, French, Asian...
Our website presents you with a complete resume of all of the island's best restaurants, operating hours for each restaurant, and even gives you the option of getting directly in touch with the restaurant to book your table for the desired date.

Below is a selection of the best restaurants of St Barth Booking on line

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  • Restaurant Le Gaiac

    Our Restaurant Le Gaiac  @ Hôtel Le Toiny St Barth


  • Cheval Blanc St Barth Isle de France

    La Case de l'Isle Book Your Table
    The signature restaurant La Case de l’Isle is one of the most sought-after spots to delight in a gourmet lunch or in a romantic dinner.

  • St Barts Le Carre Lounge

    Le Carre Lounge Restaurant Bar@ Carré d'or in Gustavia More infos click here

  • St Barths Le Ti St Barth

    Le Ti St. Barth Caribbean Tavern BOOKING YOUR TABLE


Gustavia  Bar / Live music
Tél. : 05 90 27 70 06

SUSHI Bar & Restaurant opens Monday through Saturday, 4pm – 1am - Gustavia - PHONE +590 (0)5 90 29 74 09

Authentic Thai Cuisine
7PM - 12PM
Closed Tuesday
05 90 29 21 03

Ambiance Bienvenue au restaurant à St-Barth le Bonito
Extraordinary view on Gustavia and the harbor, Latino-Carribean Cooking
Bar lounge : Rue Lubin Brin - Gustavia Tel : (590) 05 90 279 696


Created by Hervé (former owner of Le Rivage restaurant), this bistro serves traditional French cuisine with a West Indian twist.
restaurants St Barts Special of the day 18 €

St Barth Restaurant On Shell beach in Gustavia. Cocktail, lunch, dinner.
Resa:  05 90 29 06 66


Restaurants St Barts L'Indigo
Every day Lunch from noon to 3pm
From 3pm to 6pm afternoon menu at L'Indigo on the beach
Dinner from 7pm to 9pm

 Creole Restaurant Gustavia Harbor Tel : 05 90 295 224

Cheval Blanc St Barth Isle de France - The signature restaurant La Case de l’Isle is one of the most sought-after spots to delight in a gourmet lunch or in a romantic dinner.

St Barts Bartolomeo restaurant @ Guanahani Resort
Open for dinner only, the resort's Bartolomeo restaurant features some of the best French cooking on St. Bart's

Restaurant St Barts
Ceviche-Cocktail Bar & Lounge Restaurant
Carré d'Or - Gustavia
Tel  +59 (0)590 524 611

Restaurant Le Gaïac, An Incredible Sensory Experience.

St Barts Restaurant Cuisine gastronomique Française aux accents locaux

Restaurants St Barts
At the entrance to Saline Beach, Eddy, your Chef is there to welcome you to taste his savory Creole Cuisine for Lunch or dinner.
Tél : + (59) 05 90 52 46 05

Le Piment de Saint Barth

Restaurant for Breakfast and Brunch · Fast food · French Restaurant


Open everyday from 7am to 12pm.
Breakfast from 7am.
Closed on Sunday during June.
Tel. +(590) 590 27 72 48


Open everyday except Wednesday from 7pm.
Ouvert tous les jours midi et soir.
Tel. +(590) 590 27 61 04

St Barths Restaurant Plage Hotel Sereno

Le Sereno Restaurant  St Barts Fresh Fish, Simplicity, Feet-in-the-Sand  serves fresh seafood in an elegant yet relaxed environment.

Tel. +(590) 590 29 83 00


  • Rue du Roi Oscar II
  • 97133 Gustavia
  • 12:00 - 14:00, 18:00 - 22:30
  • Téléphone    +590 590 27-81 37
  • Chinoise -Thaï-Végétarienne-Vietnamienne


Restaurant St Barts ST-JEAN - PELICAN PLAGE
Tel. +(590) 590 27 64 64


Relais & Chateaux Eden Rock – St Barths
Relais & Châteaux | Oetker Collection | St Jean Bay, St Barthélemy | F97133 French West Indies
Phone: +(590) 590.297.999

Bar Lounge - Anse des Cayes
Mob +(590) 690 728 480

Restaurant St Barth (DINER) CABARET

Tél : + (59) 05 90 27 97 71
Le Ti St-barth Caribbean Tavern @ Pointe Milou


Restaurants St Barth MANGO ET TAÏNO
Hotel le Christopher - Pointe Milou
Tél : + (59) 05 90 27 63 63

Restaurant St Barts

On the waterfront overlooking Gustavia harbour and the ocean beyond.
Tel : (+59) 05 90 27 71 83


Located on Flamands Beach, Taïwana’s eponymous restaurant offers fresh, simple, quality cuisine in a peaceful Enjoy lunch at a table on a shaded terrace by the ocean, between...
Restaurants St Barts

Relais & Chateaux Eden Rock – St Barths
Relais & Châteaux | Oetker Collection | St Jean Bay, St Barthélemy | F97133 French West Indies
Tel.+ 590 590 29 79 99 |

SUSHI Traiteur  Catering St Barts




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