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Carnaval St Barth
Carnival celebrations in St Barth begin the first Sunday in January after Epiphany, with small parades in the streets of Gustavia every Sunday afternoon. Various Carnival groups rehearse as they gear up for the big Mardi Gras event.
This year, Mardi Gras falls on Tuesday, February 12, but the festivities begin as of February 8, with a parade for school children to get the party started.


Art & Culture on Saint Barthelemy

The charm of the island’s capital lies in its architecture, from the vestiges of the Swedish era with a pretty little Anglican church topped with a cupola in wood to various colonial-style houses, some painted in bright Caribbean colors and others cool behind their white clapboard facades and slatted shutters.

Festivals on Saint Barthelemy
The idea of this festival was the result of a crazy bet between two friends: Charles Magras and Frances De Broff. After having experienced the impact the concert of a small American band had had on the atmosphere of the island, they decided to exploit this new-born enthusiasm and make Saint Barth a prominent location on the Caribbean music scene.

Year by year the festival has developed in terms of musical style (classic, jazz, etc), and nationalities (France, Australia, United States), and has also opened its doors to dance.

The festival takes place during two weeks each January, and gives a special atmosphere to the sleepy little island. Organisers work free of charge, as do most performing artists, and Saint Barth’s students also have the possibility to participate.

The Saint Barthelemy Caribbean Film Festival Saint Barthelemy’s Caribbean Film Festival has been organised each year since 1996, with the objective of promoting Caribbean and European films and cinematographers.

It is held each year before the period of Easter. St. Barts Events and Festivals Many French holidays and a handful of Swedish ones are celebrated locally; larger international events include annual music festivals in January and August, and the Caribbean Film Festival in April.

St. Barths residents have an avid passion for volleyball, and the St. Barths Volleyball Cup tournament in July draws big crowds.


Family Festival

More Infos  Festival

St Barth SB Jam Musik Festival

St Barth Shopping Festival  6 - 18 août 2016


The song showed much enthusiasm from the local and international audiences so it was only in the end of 2010 that “St Barth Song” was released as a “single” format CD, independently of record labels and distributed by local stores on the island and via internet, through itunes, Amazon, Spotify and other main internet distributors.