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ST BARS Family Festival  du 3 - 15 August booking on line

St Barth Music Festival





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January 2016 St Barths Events

St. Barth Music Festival Caribbean: January 12 - January 24, 2016
Two-week-long Jazz and Chamber music festival with internationally known artists.

St Barth Dental Association Conference: January 18 - January 22, 2016
An accredited continuing education program featuring world-renowned doctors in dentistry with classes held daily in the Captainerie in Gustavia

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February 2016 St Barths Events

St Barth Fun Cup: January 26 - February 1, 2016 3 days of Regattas in Cul de Sac lagoon and St Jean Bay.

Carnaval St Barts: February 9, 2016 Costume parade through the streets of Gustavia from 3pm to 7pm, and parties in restaurants from lunchtime till midnight.

This is preceded earlier in the week by the short but charming "Children’s Parade”. Ash Wednesday marks the end of Carnaval, and the ceremonial burning of a straw statue of Vaval - King of Carnaval.

This happens at sunset on Shell Beach, and is followed by live music and drinks at restaurant Do Brasil.

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March 2016 St Barths Events

Mi-Careme: March 15, 2016
Religious and Public Holiday. Enjoy parades and parties during this celebration of the middle of Lent.

St Barths Bucket Regatta: March 17 - March 20
A three day by invitation only Regatta featuring 48 of the most impressive mega-yachts in the world, all at least 100’ long, including many beautifully preserved wooden racing boats. You can view many of the participating boats in Gustavia harbor after 5pm most days.

Easter Weekend: March 25 - Sunday March 27, 2016
Public and religious holiday.

Day, commemorate by the Lyceum Club

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April 2016 St Barths Events

Les Voiles de St Barth Regatta: April 11 - April 16 2016 An important stop on the Caribbean regatta circuit, the "Les Voiles de St. Barth" regatta will include over 70 boats, divided into six classes from classic sloops to mega yachts.

The results from each days racing are posted in the events tent on the Quai in Gustavia, where you can also enjoy live music each night.

St Barth Film Festival: April 2016 This annual festival features Caribbean Films and Filmmakers.

Films are shown outdoors in the schoolyard in Lorient, and weather permitting, on Flamands beach.

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May 2016 St Barths Events

West Indies' Regatta: first weekend in May 2016
Three day event held annually over the May Day weekend in St Barth, celebrating traditional sailboats from the West Indies islands. More of a wooden boat festival than a competitive regatta, the purpose of the event is to promote and encourage traditional boatbuilding in the Caribbean.

Tour of St Barth: (Dates TBA)
Around the island event for windsurfers and catamarans, St Jean Beach

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June 2016 St Barths Events

Fête de la Musique (World Music Day): June 21, 2016
A number of talented musicians will perform in Gustavia at concerts on the Quai General-De-Gaulle.

Caribbean Soccer Stars: (Dates TBA)
Watch as the soccer players from St. Barth clubs take on former and current players from the Celebrity Sport Club. All games can be viewed at the stadium in St Jean.

other’s Day

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July 2016 St Barths Events

St Barths Summer Camp: (Dates TBA)
Five weeks of wellness on the island, including daily yoga and wellness classes. Many of the events are held right on the beach.
Fête de l'Anse des Cayes et Anse des Lézards: (Dates TBA)
Games, music, sports, shows and a ball all featured during this celebration in the village of Anse des Cayes.

Bastille Day: July 14, 2016
Fireworks and dancing in Gustavia during this Public Holiday.
Fête des quartiers du Nord: (Dates TBA)
Flamands - Contests, Regattas, animations, and fireworks.

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August 2016 St Barths Events

Fête des Quartiers du Vent: (Dates TBA)
Regatta, music, and fireworks in the village of Lorient.

St Barth Family Festival: (Dates TBA)
It's party time with a festival of musical fireworks! Night after night of hot sounds with a tropical club atmosphere, featuring live music at Do Brazil, Le Yacht Club and Le Ti St Barth.

St. Barth Summer Sessions & SJBAM Music Festival: (Dates TBD)
Back for its 7th year, this event brings a talented mix of musicians together for 11 nights of performances across the island.

St Barth Tennis Open: (Dates TBA)
Taking place in St. Jean, this is the largest tennis tournament in St. Barts for men, women and children.

Shopping Festival (Les Soldes): (Dates TBA)
Find unbelievable deals on products from original designers and international labels

Festival of St. Barthelemy: August 24, 2016
Patron Saint Feast Day. Church and official ceremonies, regattas, public ball, fireworks in Gustavia.

St-Louis Festival: August 25, 2016
Village of Corossol - Fishing contests, Regattas, public ball, and fireworks.

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St Barth Family Festival du 2 au 16 August


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November 2015 St Barths Events

Taste of St Barth: November 5 - November 8, 2015
Six celebrity chefs pair up with six of St Barths top chefs to prepare world class tasting menus at six of the top restaurants in St Barths. The event is spread out over four nights, so you can enjoy up to four epic dinners. There are also cooking demonstrations during the day at several venues.

All Saints Day: November 1, 2015
Religious holiday. In St. Barth, the cemeteries, which are normally kept in impeccable condition, are spiffed to a higher degree of beauty and cleanliness. Island residents begin gathering in the five cemeteries at dusk to light candles and socialize in celebration of the lives of loved ones buried there.

Swedish Week and PITEA Day: Second week of November
Commemoration of the cultural bonds between St Barts and Sweden, and linkage between sister cities of Gustavia and Pitea, Sweden. Activities include an arts and crafts show on the quay in front of the Wall House in Gustavia, a 5K run, a 10k walk (the Gustavialoppet), and the Children's Race.

St Barth Cata Cup: November 18 - November 22, 2015
Regatta of small catamarans which starts and ends on St Jean Beach each day

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December 2015 St Barths Events

"Best Christmas Window" Competition: December 1 - December 28, 2015
Throughout December, local shops and businesses compete to show who has the most Christmas spirit in this window decorating competition!

St. Barts Christmas Village in Gustavia: December 12 - December 21, 2015
A festive area is set up on the quai featuring local artisans' work, food stands showcasing local St. Barths' cuisine, and a special area for children to meet Santa Claus (or affectionately, Pere Noel). There is a childrens' parade, and a childrens’ costume contest

New Year's Eve: December 31, 2015
Live music and celebrations across the island. The New Year's Eve Regatta, a sailing race organized for fun around St. Barts. Fireworks at midnight over the harbor in Gustavia, and along St Jean beach in front of Nikki Beach, Sand Bar at Eden Rock hotel and La Plage at Tom Beach hotel. Live entertainment in some restaurants.



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